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Author's inspiration

Over the span of my career, I have come to realize the U.S.A is no longer a country of the people, by the people, and for the people.  It has been transformed over the years into a country of the powerful, by the powerful, and for the powerful-who will do everything possible to retain their power.
When I came to understand what was happening my instincts as a teacher were triggered and I wrote two books.
The Road to Redemption reminds those people in the country searching for guidance about how our educational system has changed over the last 50-years and what is now required to return to those happier days.
The Village of Lansing and its Airport Past 
present Future speaks for itself and is intended to guide the Chicago Southland to use aviation development as a way to achieve their economic development objectives.

Author's Story

The author’s professional career became at an early age when he decided that teaching history would become his future. He realized it would not be easy coming from a blue-collar family where funds were scarce. The solution was attending and graduating from an Illinois junior college, then commuting from the south-side of Chicago to DePaul University each day to earn a B.A in history and political science, and later a M.A from the same institution.  He became a teacher at Mother of Sorrows High School and was on its faculty for 17 years teaching History and English.  Ten of those years he served as Assistant Principal and held that position until MOS was forced to close because it could not complete with government funded public schools. He next turned his attention to aviation and became manager of the Lansing Municipal Airport and served in that position for the next 23-years until 2008.  After his retirement he turned to writing about topics he was proficient in.  The Village of Lansing and its Airport Past Present Future has been published recently.  He has written over 40 articles for the Lansing Journal newspaper on topics of community interest.  Those can be found if you Google Bob Malkas  

"I wanted the book to be unique; not just with a beginning and an end. I wanted to take the readers by the hand and walk them through the pages of history to bring them on board to support the process and make them see how the people of Lansing benefitted by being a part of the airport experience.."

Robert Malkas